Hoffstadt Bridge - Blast Zone Border
Hoffstadt Bridge over Hoffstadt Creek is the longest and tallest of
fourteen bridges on the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway ( Hwy 504) at
Mount St. Helens.  It is the tallest bridge on a State Highway in
Washington State and 3rd tallest in the Northwest at 370 ft above the
ground below.  While most people enjoy the open air ride across it,
those that have trepidations about heights will breathe deep as they
cross this marvel of construction.  Built in 1992 as part of the new
highway to access the Volcano it was one of the keystones of the $200
million highway project.  There is a nice viewpoint and parking area on
the west end.   The Hoffstadt Creek it crosses starts at Hoffstadt
Mountain just north of the bridge.  A few miles past Hoffstadt Bridge
towards the volcano is the very popular Forest learning Center at mile
post 33.  Photos below courtesy of Terry Richard of The Oregonian.

First Visitor Center in the Blast Zone
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Hoffstadt Bluffs Creek Bridge
Hoffstadt Creek Bride
courtesy Oregon Kayaking