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Mount St. Helens Volcano Camera LIVE
This view is from the USFS HD Volcano Cam at Johnston Ridge Observatory
Wide-angle VolcanoCam view from the
Mount St. Helens Forest Learning Center
View FULLSCREEN           Mt. Rainier Webcam
The VolcanoCam uploads a new image every 5
minutes - click refresh to view it.

We hope you enjoy these Mt. St. Helens Volcano
Webcam images.    The VolcanoCam is very
popular during clear weather and a great way to
watch for periodic ash and steam eruptions.    The
Johnston Ridge Observatory volcano cam is
maintained by the USFS and is located 5 miles
from the crater.   A new Hi-def volcanocamera was
installed in 2007 which is seen above.  The Mt St
Helens webcam located at the Mount St. Helens
Forest Learning Center is operated by the
Washington State D.O.T.   

Looking for videos of Mount St. Helens ?  Check
out our
video page.
Winter Views of Mt. St
Helens VolcanoCam.  
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Alaska's Erupting Mt.
Redoubt Web Cam
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