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Zipline Adventure - Mt. St. Helens
Mt. St. Helens Zipline
Adventure awaits -
 Zip under the canopy of
majestic trees on a harness and
cable trolley system traveling great
distances and heights soaring
from tree to tree surrounded with
breathtaking views and natural
surroundings - Awesome!
Located on Tree House
 When you are done
touring the Nearby Mount St.
Helens National Volcanic
Monument stop in for a fun
afternoon soaring from tree-to-tree
on a nature-oriented zipline park
on Tree House Island - 50 acres
located in Silverlake with views of
the volcano.  You will be
surrounded by the immense trees
and enjoy the Island serenity while
enjoying thrills of riding the zip
lines, or rent a canoe, fish, or just
enjoy the views.   The zip line tours
start at $99.00
For more info goto :
About Zip Line Rides: Zip lines are simple in design and theory; however they provide a unique
experience and view of nature's ecosystems below.  Zip lines are designed to allow a person to strap
on to a cable connecting two points, one below the other, and use gravity to propel the person to the
lower point.  They are natures own entertainment without engines or technology, gravity and your
own momentum drive the thrill !  Located in areas with tall trees and foliage, as trees provide the
best anchors for zip line adventures, the zipline experience gets away from concrete techno-jungles
and Disneyland's neon pizazz, however they are nonetheless thrilling.  Zipline rides take advantage
of long slopes where there can be many zip lines mounted in a row delivering the participants from
platform to platform. As the foliage and ecosystems below are often dense and difficult to navigate,
zip lines give a unique perspective looking down onto the undisturbed ground below.

Zipline adventure operations utilize secure harnesses, helmet, and safety equipment to ensure a
safe ride as they can be very high up and cover significant distances.   Zipline rides have been
growing in popularity as the equipment becomes easier to use and visitors increasingly look for ways
to partake in eco-tourism and active adventure activities. Mexico and Costa Rica provide many zip
line adventures, also known as canopy tours, which take participants through and over the rain
forest below.   However the Mt. St. Helens zipline adventure is much more convenient and
affordable.   It doesn't yet lead into the crater but rumors are they are working on it !

Zip lines are an exciting adventure that can be experienced by any age of adventurer. It is a great
family activity that can be enjoyed rain or shine.  Experience the thrill yourself of flying through the
trees, suspended above the ground as the wind blows your hair back while whisking towards the next
platform - where you start over again.  

Mount St. Helens adventures include the
Helicopter tours, Ape caves, Climbing the Crater, and
now the
Tree House Island Zip Lines.  We invite you to try out one of the adventures on your next
visit to Mt. St. Helens.  

Your Adventure awaits !  It's Awesome.
      G R A N D   O P E N I N G   
AUG. 30 2013 !!!!   (360) 274-2425
Mt. St. Helens Zipline Adventure - photo (C)
This zip line adventurer had to travel to Mexico,
now you can zipline near Mt. St. Helens !
NEW - If you are heading to
the Oregon Coast while
visiting Mt. St. Helens be sure
to check out the new Oregon
Coast Zipline at Warrenton,
Oregon - between Astoria
and Seaside.  Operated by
High Life Adventures its the
newest zipline park in the
Northwest and sure to thrill
you !