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Mountain Biking on Mount St. Helens

Posted: 2007-06-10 23:28:48 on The MudBlog

The bike ride on Mount St. Helens was one ride i will never forget! An out 'n' back
up Ape Canyon Trail onto the Plains of Abraham provides so much diversity and
beauty that you don't even realize you just pedaled 24 miles.
Much of the initial climb is in lush forest
with periodic views of the surrounding
Northwest Volcanoes. As you climb
higher, the open fields of pumice and
forests of destruction open up to views
of St. Helens. There's something
mind-blowing about see the smoke
come out of the crater - and knowing
that 57 people were killed in 1980 when
1300 feet of the mountaintop exploded.

After exiting the the forest, the trail
climbs up to the "Plains of Abraham,"
and cruises along the flank of the
Filled with pumice and volcanic rock, this area is a testament to its recent violent
history. Yet, in the midst of it all, we saw small creeks and amazing displays of
wildflowers. A herd of elk seemed to be enjoying the views from a ridge
nearby.After this amazing nature experience, we still had miles of excellent
singletrack carve down! What a ride!


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Mountain Biking Mt. St. Helens
Mount St. Helens Sunset